With a fresh new look and a revitalized content plan, Zoomin has announced the name changes for its social media pages on Facebook and YouTube.

Zoomin’s social presence has grown tremendously in recent years, with millions of new followers. Yet it still faces the challenge of becoming a recognizable brand on the platforms. By simplifying its brand identity and including it in all of the page names, Zoomin expects to overcome this challenge and build an even stronger fanbase.

“It’s time for Zoomin to unify and simplify its presence across all social platforms,” says Roger Lodewick, CEO of Zoomin. “Whereas our current pages grew into strong brands, with Local Heroes as our indisputable flagship page, our fans may have been unaware that we, Zoomin, are behind it.”

Changing the names is the logical step to reap the most benefits from the millions of views Zoomin’s videos receive every month across YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. 

Zoomin’s name change announcement doesn’t mean that there will be any changes in the direction of content or page strategy. “The main content outline remains the same. On some pages we will slightly broaden our perspective to catch the topics important to our Gen Z and younger millennial target groups,” says Eliza Menzel, Global Head of Content Production. “With a social and mobile-first strategy, it’s important for Zoomin to be present on all platforms with a unified and recognizable brand. Our current move to brighter and lighter graphics and recognizable Zoomin names, will support our unique and inspiring content.”


About Zoomin: Zoomin is the leading digital media company for today’s most influential audience, Generation Z, producing and publishing hundreds of videos a month in 10 languages. We focus on inspiring, emotionally compelling and empowering content, both in digital short form and TV long form. Zoomin offers brands, advertisers and media agencies the opportunity to reach the “unreachables” with online advertising. Zoomin, with headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in Beijing, Berlin, and São Paulo, is truly international. Zoomin operates under the leading Swedish international digital entertainment company Modern Times Group.