International video publisher, Zoomin.TV, has cemented it’s position as the leader in speaking to Gen Z, thanks to an exclusive content partnership with, allowing 240 million fans to engage with its unique mix of content from every corner of the world. has partnered with Zoomin.TV, one of the world’s hottest online video publishers, to diversify its content and enrich the consumption experience for its youth-focused audience. For Zoomin.TV, the collaboration means the opportunity to grow their reach and speak to a highly engaged audience of ‘super fans’. Zoomin.TV content spans 7 magazines and speaks to this younger audience through meaningful stories from around the globe that inspire change for today’s most influential audience, Generation Zoomin.

“We are excited to be one of the first publishers to work with as they expand and diversify their content offering to make it an everyday destination for Gen Z” says Zoomin.TV’s North America CEO Craig Galvin. “Not only is it crucial for us to be where our audience is, it is also imperative that we learn and activate off the back of their real-time reactions. Much like we do on our other social platforms, we monitor the way users engage with our content, which in turn helps inform our strategy going forward and provides valuable insights into what the younger generation are truly engaged with.”.

Launched in 2014 in China, started out as a way for users to create 15 to 60 second videos of themselves lip-syncing to popular songs, but has since progressed to become a hub for sharing and discovering short form video from music to comedy to beauty how-to’s. The network was valued at around $500 million in mid 2016 with over 200 million downloads in the App store and a reported 40 million active users monthly.

“ is extremely popular with Generation Zoomin, which makes it especially compelling for us” Galvin continues. “What also appeals about the platform is its absolute versatility when it comes to content, which is in line with our own DNA and makes a unique service offering.”

Zoomin.TV launched in the US in 2016 and has experienced consistent growth with its core audience just as brands look to really seek out and target the Gen Z demographic. “There’s been an increased demand for content targeting this audience, which is something we’ve been successful in creating for some time. Our content has been specifically developed to meet the needs of Gen Z in response to what they’re searching for. Content that champions social justice, is reflective of their global outlook and feeds their desire to make a positive mark on the world” says Global CEO Jan Riemens.

Driven by their mission statement ‘dare, care, share’, Global CEO Jan Riemens says the focus is on creating stories that drive engagement and facilitate community building, aimed at an audience who’s compassionate and who cares about their world in a smart and constructive way. “What makes us so unique is our 3,500 video journalists around the globe who allow us access into otherwise hard to reach communities and who deliver truly cinematic quality content. We are committed to finding new ways to tell stories and engage with Gen Z as they evolve, hence the content partnership helps us grow our community and be a part of the conversation around issues that matter to Generation Zoomin.”’s homeland China is also a strategically important region for Zoomin.TV. Launched in February this year, Zoomin’s video’s have won a huge following on platforms such as Tencent, Toutiao, Tudou and Miaopai, receiving more than 200 million views every month. The success of Zoomin.TV’s content in China has been in connecting with Gen Z through localized, high quality content that meets the needs of younger Chinese viewers, which publishers have also welcomed with open arms.

The Zoomin.TV video powerhouse is part of the leading international digital entertainment group MTG and launches with on the heels of several company milestones:

● 16 global offices, Zoomin reaches a truly global audience with over 3.2 billion video views every month
● Key distribution partners including AOL, Yahoo, Amazon, Pluto, MSN and Roku
● One of the biggest Multi-Platform Networks, Zoomin.TV has over 30,000 creators and vloggers

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