In a world shifting focus from Millenials to Gen Z, Zoomin.TV has become the effective market leader in speaking to today’s most influential audience, creating a unique mix of content that focuses on the ‘big picture’.

New York – Facebook has partnered with Zoomin.TV, the world’s leading digital media company, on the launch of their new video hub, ‘Watch’, to deliver a series of purpose driven programming specifically tailored to the needs of Gen Z. The publisher has launched Show Pages that engage the younger audience with meaningful stories from around the global that inspire change for Generation Zoomin.

“We are excited to be one of the first publishers to work with Facebook as they build an ecosystem of video content and experiment with new formats,” says Zoomin.TV’s Global CEO Jan Riemens.

“Since we launched in the US in 2016, we have experienced tremendous growth with our core audience,” Riemens continues. “We have seen a shift as brands now seek to engage the highly sought after Gen Z demographic, and there’s been an increased demand for content targeting this audience, which is something we’ve been successful in creating for some time. Our content has been specifically developed to meet the needs of Gen Z in response to what they’re searching for. Content that champions social justice, is reflective of their global outlook and feeds their desire to make a positive mark on the world.”

“Our content is driven by our mission statement ‘dare, care, share’ aimed at an audience who’s compassionate and cares about their world in a constructive and smart way. The focus is on creating stories that drive engagement and facilitate community building. Facebook Watch means we use our content to evolve and grow our community and be a part of the conversation around issues that matter to Generation Zoomin. It also presents an exciting opportunity for our creators as we look to build serialized content with them and develop appointment viewing with our audience.”

The Zoomin.TV video powerhouse delivers content through the eyes of 3,500 journalists around the globe across 7 key verticals including First2Know, Local Heroes, Brain Chips and Future Planet.

“We are committed to finding new ways to tell stories and engage with Gen Z as they continue to evolve and change the way we view content,” adds Zoomin.TV’s Head of Content Bibi Nunez. “We are speaking to this highly coveted audience about all the topics that matter to them in one destination- all the things you didn’t know that you wanted to know. For Gen Z by Gen Z.”

The company is part of the leading international digital entertainment group MTG and launches with Facebook on the heels of several company milestones:
· Now one of the biggest Multi-Platform Networks, Zoomin.TV has over 30,000 creators and vloggers
· 15 global offices, Zoomin reaches a truly global audience with over 3.2 billion video views every month
· Key distribution partners including AOL, Yahoo, Amazon Fire, Pluto, MSN and Roku

Zoomin.TV’s Watch content will include:
· #WomenWarriors series, on Local Heroes, featuring remarkable women making a difference around the world, in all walks of life, standing up for their rights. Get ready to be inspired by their work and dedication, often in the face of adversity.
· #BeyondPlastic series, on Future Planet, which highlights the real war on plastic and the creative movement it’s inspiring around the world as people find alternatives that showcase human resourcefulness, all of which sends a powerful message.


About Zoomin.TV
Zoomin.TV is the leading digital media company for today’s most influential audience, Generation Z.

Producing 400+ videos a day in 20+ languages, Zoomin.TV is the world’s largest online video publisher. We have a network of over 3,500 video journalists around the world and operate one of the largest Multi-Platform Networks with 30,000 content creators. At 3.2 billion views a month… we’re still growing.

Our mission statement? “Dare. Care. Share.” At Zoomin.TV, we tell stories with purpose. Stories that bring change to people’s lives. We focus on inspiring, emotionally compelling and empowering content.

We’re more than shortform. Zoomin Studios is Zoomin.TV’s next-generation media production center, working with the biggest online talents, broadcasters and co-producers to create cutting-edge formats and deliver ground-breaking television content.

Zoomin.TV offers brands, advertisers and media agencies the opportunity to reach the “un-reachables” with online advertising and branded content. Publishers can choose from a multitude of video feed subscriptions or short-format content from our extensive library.

We like it live. Zoomin.TV organizes live events where our creators and their fans can meet face to face. Our most notable venture has been launching the Drone Racing World Series

With our headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in London, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Hamburg, Madrid, Barcelona, Milan, New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Brasilia, Montevideo, Beijing and Singapore… we’re global.

Zoomin.TV is part of the leading international digital entertainment group MTG.

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