Former Clipkit CEO and team joining Zoomin.TV to position company on top of branded video market.

Zoomin.TV, part of the leading international digital entertainment group MTG, has announced an investment of more than 2 million Euros this to support its Generation Z strategy in Germany. As part of this investment , the company has appointed Cengiz Kurt, former Clipkit CEO, to lead Zoomin.TV Deutschland, as well 13 of his former team members. Zoomin.TV will double its revenues from Germany in 2017 and is a true alternative for Facebook, YouTube – as well as traditional broadcasters such as RTL and ProSieben – for brands and agencies looking to engage with Generation Z.

Zoomin.TV‘s core DNA is inspired by the youngest generation of video audiences: Generation Z – the post-millennials born from the mid-1990s onward. The first generation to grow up steeped in mobile technology and social media platforms, Gen Z is also the first generation to be a major influencer on the behaviour of other generations and in particular how content is shared and consumed across different platforms and devices.

Approximately 70% of total internet traffic is taken up by Gen Z – mainly using video as their first and primary source for information and entertainment. They rarely watch ‘traditional’ TV, are ambitious and want to live a healthy life. They demand absolute transparency from the brands they consume when it comes to product information, health standards and environmental sustainability.

Zoomin.TV has already grown to a global top five video content company, with Germany as its first international success. Jan Riemens, Founder and CEO of Zoomin.TV said: “We are pleased to add Cengiz and his team members to the current Zoomin.TV Germany team. We strongly believe that together they have both the creativity and capability to drive the Generation Z strategy and grow our German and DACH operations.”

“Brands need to have a better approach than traditional spot commercials to reach GenZ’s,” Riemens continued. “It is all about engagement between brands and themselves. You need to ‘hook’ them before you can ‘seduce’ them. And if you can’t hook them, you will simply lose them. On top of that, they want everything ‘now’, prefer to ‘share’ rather than ‘own’ and are looking for authentic and real brands that share those values. At Zoomin.TV we do that, we are engaged with them and are thrilled to help brands to explore the value of this growing audience for them.”

Cengiz Kurt, Managing Director Zoomin.TV Germany, is excited to be on board at Zoomin.TV and to bring 13 of his former team members with him. “Zoomin.TV has successfully changed its position from a pre-roll based content factory to a Generation Z inspired video powerhouse with creative solutions for publishers, brands and agencies. They are one of the few who can execute this pivot since they always have produced content, which is the heart of Zoomin.TV. I have been amazed by the deep level of knowledge and engagement of all people involved in the content creating process at Zoomin.TV. Together we will bring added value to the market with a premium video offering which makes us a true alternative to Facebook, YouTube and broadcasters such as RTL and ProSieben.”

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