July 18, 2019 (Amsterdam) – Amsterdam-based digital media company Zoomin has signed a major contract with Chinese media giant Tencent to produce “All for Adrenaline the Realm”, a three-episode longform series about the unbelievable adventures of young and daring Chinese people. The series is being filmed at locations around the world, including the Arctic Circle.

“This is one of the most significant and challenging production assignments in Zoomin’s history,” said Roger Lodewick, CEO of Zoomin. “I want to thank Tencent for their continued trust and for taking our cooperation to the next level.”

The Chinese format of “All for Adrenaline the Realm” was developed by Tim Ye, country manager of Zoomin China; and features China’s first wingsuit pilot, Xu Kai, on his incredible journey to the Arctic Circle. Of course, he won’t be doing it alone, a team of 26 people, including four guides and special guest Chinese-American actress Celina Jade, will join Kai on his mission – documenting his struggles, progresses, and victories. Celina is best known for her role in the 2017 blockbuster “Wolf Warrior 2”, which was the highest-grossing Chinese film ever. 

The deal between Tencent and Zoomin marks the next chapter in the long-standing relationship between the two companies. “This contract is evidence that the Chinese audience is embracing Zoomin’s content and style of production. We’re obviously proud that Tencent is also acknowledging this and it’s proof that our positive and enriching Gen Z content engages and attracts the young and hard to reach Chinese Gen Z audience,” said Lodewick. “It also shows the continued trust and growth we enjoy in the Chinese market, which gives us a massive global platform for the unique and inspiring storytelling content we produce both in China and the rest of the world.” 


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