The international charity Peace Direct has selected Amsterdam-based Zoomin for the production of a series of short-form videos about local peacebuilders in conflict areas around the world. Zoomin and Peace Direct have agreed to start producing the first two episodes in northern Nigeria, where local people are tackling the triggers of violence and  working to rebuild war-torn communities. Zoomin will disseminate the videos in its worldwide publishers-network and social media channels, and the videos will help Peace Direct raise funds for a longer ‘Peacebuilders’ series produced by Zoomin, which will further raise the profile of local peacebuilders worldwide and ensure their voices are heard.

Zoomin’s CEO Roger Lodewick: ‘For Zoomin, a charity like Peace Direct is a natural partner. This partnership fits perfectly with our motto: ‘Dare, care and share’. We are specialized in creating engaging short-form video stories about what we call ‘Local Heroes’, people who contribute to a better world in one way or another without their own gain. The people supported by Peace Direct are all real Local Heroes and we are looking forward to telling many more of their inspiring stories to our world-wide audience’.

Dylan Mathews, CEO of Peace Direct: ‘When I saw Zoomin’s Local Heroes videos for the first time on Facebook, I immediately knew they were the combination of high quality video and powerful story-telling I have been looking for.  Behind every effort to build peace in the world’s most fragile contexts lies the determination and bravery of inspiring individuals, local heroes whose stories deserve to be told. We are excited for the world to hear these stories as a result of our partnership with Zoomin.’

About Zoomin:

Zoomin is the leading digital media company for today’s most influential audience, Generation Z, producing and publishing hundreds of videos a month in 10 languages. We focus on inspiring, emotionally compelling and empowering content, both short (digital) form and long (television) form. Our cutting-edge formats and ground-breaking content is distributed across more than 2,000 publishing websites world-wide, resulting in over 3 billion views a month. Zoomin offers brands, advertisers and media agencies the opportunity to reach the “unreachables” with online advertising. Zoomin, with headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in Beijing, Berlin and São Paulo, is fully part of the leading Swedish international digital entertainment company Modern Times Group. 

Contact: Jos Timmers, Head of Global Sales Operations,, +31646623325 

More about Peace Direct:

Peace Direct is an international non-governmental organisation working with local communities in areas of conflict to build resilience to violence and provide alternatives to war. We believe that local people who live on the frontlines of conflict are the greatest sources of untapped knowledge on peacebuilding. If we’re able to support them and utilize that incredible wellspring of local knowledge, and to help make the rest of the world aware of the potential that peacebuilding has, we can build resilient, cohesive communities that ensure peace lasts.

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