Amsterdam, May 1st, 2019 – Zoomin, the Amsterdam-based digital media company, is setting a new precedent for Gen Z documentaries with two new long-form series, Amazing Drone Race China and Droners.

Amazing Drone Race China is a Tencent Video and Zoomin co-production. The drone series is the first of its kind in China and has already received more than 13.7 million views on Tencent. Through the series, Zoomin explored the rapidly expanding scene of Gen Z documentaries and delivered content that captivated a younger audience and sparked excitement for drones in China’s youth.

The docuseries comes to life through the adventures of seven Chinese droners and five thrilling competitions around the world, from the Great Wall of China all the way to Indonesia and Ethiopia.

The series grabbed the attention of China’s educated youth living in larger cities. Fifty per cent of viewers had a Bachelor’s degree or higher and statistics showed that 70% of the audience was under the age of 29, with 70% being male and 28% being female.  

Watch Episode 1 of Amazing Drone Race China here.

In addition to Amazing Drone Race China, Zoomin has also produced the spectacular documentary series Droners,which is featured on Insight.TV, one of the world’s largest factual entertainment UHD channels. In stunning 4K UHD, Droners follows some of the world’s top drone pilots as they discover racing and freestyling; and, explore the new technology shaping the future of drones. 

In a journey around the world, packed full of interesting characters, space-age tech and extraordinary action, Droners tells the story of this rapidly growing community. The docuseries soars between the spectacular backdrops of locations like New York, Hong Kong, Seoul and Zurich. And after five 30-minute episodes, the series ends with an awesome hour-long Ethiopia special. 

Watch Episode 1 of Droners here.

Zoomin CEO Roger Lodewick commented saying, “These docuseries produced by Zoomin tell stories in a way more palatable to young audiences. The documentaries provide a possibility to target young people. Moreover, they pioneered a new form of partnership between online platforms across borders. Zoomin strives to create premium contents that are engaging, faithful, and thought-provoking, bringing documentaries closer to Gen Z.”

Following the success of Amazing Drone Race China and Droners, Zoomin plans to produce and deliver two new long-form series each year.


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