Zoomin Brazil will be one of the many interested participants at the Esports Bar meeting in São Paulo on June 27th. The event brings together world-class companies in the eSports industry, including teams, brands, media and investors; all of whom are looking forward to the latest insights in this new game-changing sport. But the Zoomin Brazil team won’t be there just to listen, they’ll also be presenting the trailer for Zoomin’s eSports Revolution, a series that peaks through the curtains of the world of eSports.

Esports has been widely ignored by “real athletes” for quite some time, but despite all of this, it has managed to become an incredibly fast-growing professional sport and industry. Millions of people spend hours a day playing eSports… And just like in the world of traditional sports, only a few of them succeed at reaching the top.

But for those who don’t make it to the top, eSports definitely doesn’t lose its charm. That’s why Goldman Sachs predicts that the number of eSports enthusiasts could reach 250 million by 2021, turning it into a multi-multi-billion-dollar industry. In 2018, eSports made an estimated revenue of over 850 million USD.

And one can only guess how long it’ll be until eSports becomes an official sport at the Olympics! After all, in Brazil alone, nearly 8 million people watch pro eSports content more than once a month and the country has already recognized it as an official sport. 

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