Virtual Network


As a Virtual Network (VN) under Zoomin.TV you are able to do a range full of things we are sure other MCN’s will never offer you! We mainly focus upon network development and to help with this we give you an easily accessible dashboard to help you keep track of partners and manage them under your CMS and we give you access to create network’s under your umbrella! So if you want to focus primarily on bringing networks under you now you can! We have a dashboard for the Content Aggregators (CA’s) that come under you! So you can keep track of them and make sure there working up to par! You get to partner channels under your network and work side by side channels under YOUR partnership! Zoomin.TV is here to help your network in any way possible to expand your networks reach and manageability.

Network Management

Zoomin.TV does all the work on dashboards, user profiles, partner management, so you don’t have to! Its all neatly arranged in an easily accessible dashboard for you and your staff members to work on throughout the course of your time under Zoomin.TV. We want to help you succeed! On the dashboard you can do many things in order to keep your network under control and in management! Some of these things consist of; Partner management (View the daily statistics of the partners), Staff Management (See what staff member added who and how long ago to see who is doing there job). These great things are all accessible within the dashboard that you will get access to as a virtual network under Zoomin.TV

Channel Dashboard

We want your partners to have the best experience possible with your network to influence them to create amazing content and help you build upon your network! So what Zoomin.TV have done is built an easily manageable dashboard for creators under your network to go onto and see daily statistics and analytic’s of earnings & payouts! Also it gives the creator access to our highly extensive music library to get Copyright free Music & sound effects from! We are working around the clock to perform maintenance on this dashboard to make it user friendly and easily accessible to partners & CA’s under your umbrella!

MCN Incubator Program

With Zoomin.TV’s unique MCN Incubator programme we give you and your network the chance to start your own MCN along side Zoomin.TV and manage your very own network! No other networks offer this feature, it is unique and shows we prioritize success of your network’s and want to see you go far! You can do it, every person aspiring to be the next big network can do it with Zoomin.TV You just have to prove it to yourself and to us that you can do it and that is when your YouTube Networking Career truly begins!

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