As a recruiter Zoomin.TV relies on you to bring in new and upcoming talent to our YouTube network! You will need to bring in around 4 – 5 new creators weekly to make sure we know your an active recruiter! So what will You gain from this? Well, to begin you receive a 10% commission of the partners earnings FOR LIFE! No ending period! Whatever they make you get 10% Guaranteed. Not only that but you get access to our Recruiter dashboard to track your payouts and earnings as well as partners you have referred and their statistics!

Recruiter Dashboard

The recruiter dashboard has a sleek and ease of use design for you to work in a relaxed environment and view the partners you have referred and their day to day statistics as well as an insight to the partners monthly earnings and all of your payouts and how much you get paid daily! Not only that if your partners are at all hesitant there is an F.A.Q page you can easily refer to if you want to answer some of their questions!

VN Incubator Program

When you are a recruiter it doesn’t end there! You can upgrade your experience by becoming a VN and taking network’s under you as recruiters and partners under your umbrella! We also give you tools to create your very first network under us, for more information on virtual networks, Visit the virtual networks page on the Zoomin.TV website by clicking on YouTube > Network’s > Virtual networks and read there for more info!

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