Star Maker Academy

Zoomin.Tv’s Star Maker Academy is a series of products and online resources designed to offer content creators on YouTube free, easily accessible training. The Academy identifies YouTube channels that are in need of training and development and helps them through our unique 5-star training course – giving participants real life work skills, as well as having their content screened to an audience of millions.

The training process is packaged within the Star Maker Academy website, an exciting hub of activity from which users can access everything they need. From the main home page users are able to access training videos, courses & amazing content brought straight to them, as well as keeping them up to date with important news for content creators and getting their channel promoted by Star Maker Academy and other incentives.

The Academy is unlike anything else out there right now. No one else is offering such a comprehensive degree of training, with exciting fresh content delivered to users on a daily basis, as well as creating a platform for people to connect with other content creators.