Rule of thumb is that it’s best to simply not use cinematic cut-scenes or licensed commercial music in your videos, even if they are in the game. In-game music is allowed, but only if that music is not licensed from an artist.

If in-game songs are by artists signed up by a record label then the record label is likely to have a contract with the game publisher protecting their material. There is a difference between game music composed by a game developer and music licensed from a signed artist.

Even if the game publisher does not mind and has covered those rights even for YouTube distribution the problem is that the YouTube video and sound recognition software cannot distinguish between a pirated clipping and a clipping from gameplay uploaded by you and the software will still give us a Copyright Strike.


If you record and use a cover you have to make sure that you change the original song and lyrics in such a way that it ‘materially changes the original meaning, context or intended communication’. So if you play U2s Sunday bloody Sunday on the piano and sing the original lyrics then it would NOT be copyright free.


Sampling is unfortunately not accepted as copyright free. not a legitimate method of producing music.
For example, do not upload videos like this remix that contains Katy Perry’s voice:
All tracks you upload must be 100% owned by whoever is giving you permission to upload them.


Remixes are not okay!
Never use commercial songs, song clips or remixes.
Your videos cannot contain any part of the original sound recording, not even 1 second.
For example: (also features Mr. Bean which is another copyright strike)
Slowing down the original work, adding a techno beat, or even small parts of the original sound recording are not okay.


Do not mix and match music from one product in a video about another product.


‘Changing the pitch of a song will avoid any copyright issues’
This is 100% wrong!
If you remix ANY PART of a commercial sound recording, that is a copyright strike.

‘If you credit the artist you will not get any copyright issues’
Giving credit or ‘buy now’ links to music does not make it copyright-free!

‘You can use up to 8 seconds of copyrighted material without issue’
WRONG! Even 1 second of a copyright song is not okay.