Zoomin.TV  Creators

What Are We Looking For?

Zoomin.TV is on the look out for prestigious and ambitious creators to join are advanced group of YouTube creators! Being creators ourselves we understand what it means to do YouTube as a passion, in joining the Zoomin.TV network you will be surrounded by creators from all parts of the world enthusiastic to create content and collaborate with other Creators and build a community strong at the foundations and sturdy up top. We are looking for talented & view worthy creators, Content Quality and frequency of uploads is what every channel needs to sustain a healthy part in the YouTube community! Lets not forget enjoying creating content and waking up to see people enjoying your video’s! That’s the best part, however with Zoomin.TV If you meet all the criteria you can become a creator and partner up with our network and turn your pass time hobby into a career!


Now lets get down to business, you need to ensure your channel is free from any copyright. Even a matched 3rd party content claim on your best video could affect the ways in which we can help you! To check if your free of copyright click here (You must be signed into YouTube) If all is green then all is well and you may proceed to the next step!

Content & Views!

Our baseline for content production is At least one video a week and an Active subscriber base! With that you must also get around the mark of 200 Views Per Day according to SocialBlade. If you get 200 views daily then continue onto the next step don’t stop here!

Have Fun!

Its as simple as this ‘if you don’t enjoy it don’t do it!’ remember those words whilst going through YouTube don’t just think because there is a possibility of earning easy money i’m going to start YouTube! That’s the WRONG attitude and wont get you far at all. You need to generally enjoy what you are doing to be happy to call it a hobby! Zoomin.TV are here to help you and guide you through your toughest decisions in YouTube and help you succeed with your channel!


What are you waiting for?