Youtube Brands

If you’re a  premium content owner with traditional TV Network clients, YouTube can be daunting. Fan sites pose a threat to TV Network clients and managing copyright is essential to protect traditional relationships and revenues.

But YouTube also offers opportunities for brand promotion, new revenue streams and a dialogue with your viewers. We help you take control of your content and take advantage of these opportunities to generate new revenue and insights.

Digital Rights Management (DRM)

When it comes to pirated content on YouTube, you have some interesting options. Taking down content is only one of them and may not always be the best way to go. We help you to set up a DRM policy which supports your strategy on broadcast media. Then we take the implementation and enforcement off your hands.

Powerful Cross Promotion

Driving traffic and boosting subscriber growth
Our MCN generates a whopping 240 M views monthly. By cross promoting your Free promotional channels and your SVOD/VOD channels your channel growth will be boosted very significantly.

High CPM revenues

Our MCN has a dedicated internal sales force in our offices in over 15 countries. This sales force selling alongside the YouTube sales force ensures that our impressions are monetized efficiently. This in turn leads to a higher CPM generated compared to the monetization of your YouTube channels without being part of our MCN.

YouTube Search Engine Optimisation

As a large content owner we operate 20+ very successful channels on YouTube ourselves ( boasting almost half a million subscribers and over 150M views). This is why we have built up a wealth of know-how on how to optimize both channels and individual videos in order to optimize their position in the YouTube video search results. This expertise is critical and will also be utilized in full on your channels to ensure maximum views for your videos and optimal audience retention in your channels.


Within our MCN it is now possible to make your premium content available on VOD (pay per individual video) or SVOD (monthly or annual subscription). This opens up the opportunity for you to reach the YouTube audience with a paid proposition, which does not clash with your traditional distributor interests. We will link your paid channels to your ‘free’ channel and help you determine the optimal pricing strategy.