AMSTERDAM, September 9th, 2019 – VTV, a brand new TV-app developed by VTV-Studio, has joined forces with Amsterdam-based video production company Zoomin

In VTV, viewers can enjoy hundreds of inspirational, amazing or phenomenal short videos of Zoomin on demand – 100% free. The new app is available on Roku, Android TV, and Fire TV. It is an innovative application that was built specially to viewers who wish to take a break from real life and enjoy rich short video content on-demand.

“Our vision is to provide access to great short video content to anyone for free,” says Chief VTV Content Officer Lynne O’Brien. She continues: “Think about how much time and effort occasional viewers spend just on trying to find new stuff to watch. Most of the time they are not looking for new plot and characters to follow, but a much lighter experience. At the end of the day, all they really want is to lean back and enjoy great TV, even if it’s just for several minutes”.

In VTV viewers can find hundreds of personal success stories, unbelievable phenomena, and other great inspiring videos. All of VTV’s videos’ length is 5 minutes or less.
Anouk van Dijk, Global Head of Content Sales at Zoomin: “We’re very happy to have VTV Studio on board. At Zoomin, we focus on inspiring, emotionally compelling and empowering content and it is inspiring to know that our stories are now going to be watched by the VTV-audience. We are convinced this will be the beginning of a great relationship, which will continue to grow in the future.” 

For more information, please contact
Jos Timmers, Head of Global Sales Operations and Communications
+31 6 466 233 25

About Zoomin: 
Zoomin is the leading digital media company for today’s most influential audience, Generation Z, producing and publishing hundreds of videos a month in 10 languages. We focus on inspiring, emotionally compelling and empowering content, both short (digital) form and long (TV) form. Zoomin offers brands, advertisers and media agencies the opportunity to reach the “unreachables” with online advertising. Zoomin, with headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in Beijing, Berlin, and São Paulo, is fully part of the leading Swedish international digital entertainment company Modern Times Group, MTG.

About VTV:
VTV Studio is an innovative media company that develops, operates, manage and distributes CTV apps across all leading OTT platforms. VTV team believe that leaning back and enjoy great TV for a while, should not only be a much lighter experience but also must be FREE. Hence our mission: Make Free TV Great Again.
We focus on genres of Entertainment, Lifestyle Celebrity Movies, and Games, and work continuously to maintain high-quality and updated content to our audience.