We have done our most to create a subscription plan for publishers in order to offer professional videos without commercialization to all online platforms.

With a subscription plan to our videos, you are in control of all the video content, having the possibility to monetize the videos with your own advertisements, use your own player and select the video feed you want.

Pricing depends per country, size of the publisher and the amount of videos requested.

Rev. Share

Publishers can publish our video content free of charge, benefiting professional video content in 14 languages that attracts new visitors and increase visit time together with tailored designed players and provided technology.

Websites that use our player and content always gain extra revenue streams with higher CPM than traditional banners as we share our video advertising revenues with our publishers.


The hybrid plan is a combination of subscription and revenue share model that allows publishers to have the opportunity to monetize the traffic that is generated on the traffic from the subscription plan and benefit an additional revenue share that is generated by the commercialization of our advertisements on the video content.

Publishers have the guarantee of the latest video content and can optimize its own revenues by monetizing the traffic and share in revenues with the commercialization of our ads on the website of the publisher.