Zoomin is a leading digital media company based in Amsterdam.

Our mission statement? Dare. Care. Share.

Our mission statement is “Dare. Care. Share.” and we stand by it. We tell stories with a purpose, stories that open people’s eyes, and stories that (we hope) help change the world. We create content for a wide range of audiences, but with a special focus on the changemakers of tomorrow – Generation Z. 

Zoomin’s Beginning

Zoomin was started by Dutch entrepreneurs, who recognized pretty early on that the internet was the perfect platform for videos. And so, in the heart of Amsterdam, with a small yet dedicated team, they decided to grab hold of the internet’s still widely untapped potential and see what would happen. The team started out by selling short news items in combination with advertisements to websites. And it turned out that this was something that audiences and companies really wanted. Video brought a layer of depth and engagement to stories that text just couldn’t. 

And guess what? Over a decade and a half later, this is still the case! 

From the MCN to the VJN to Generation Z 

In the years leading up to 2015, Zoomin grew with the expansion of global digitization, the worldwide sale of short-form videos and advertisements, the creation of branded content, and the rapid growth of our MCN. To this day, our MCN is still one of the main pillars of the company. 

At the same time, two decisions were made about video production that ultimately laid down the foundation for our current mission and helped us transform into a unique video production company. The first was to end our dependence on external parties for visual material. In order to do this, we created the Video Journalist Network (VJN). The second decision was about the type of videos we would create moving forward. And thus, we started focusing on content that would appeal to Generation Z.

Zoomin Today

Zoomin has changed a lot since its humble beginnings. We started off as a small company wandering down an untested path to an international company, with headquarters in Amsterdam and offices in Germany, Brazil, Spain, and Beijing.

Zoomin is an Azerion company

In 2019, Zoomin was acquired by Azerion. The acquisition expanded Azerion’s ecosystem adding over 2,000 publishers worldwide. And now, our content owners can make use of Azerion’s technology and services to optimize their ad strategy and maximize revenue from their inventory.

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