We are a video powerhouse: we create 400+ short stories in 20+ languages every day! Our original stories are sourced by 3,500 Video Journalists around the world and distributed across our global Multi-Platform Network, where they are watched 3.3 billion times per month.

Generation Zoomin is both curious and brave. We believe that empathy is the future. Our mission statement? ‘Dare. Care. Share’. We, like our viewers, are everyday heroes; ambitious world citizens and no-BS networkers, compassionate individuals who care about their world in a constructive and smart way. We engage with stories that bring change to people’s lives, focusing on producing inspiring, emotionally-compelling and empowering content.

Video content like that is not cheap. That’s why we sell the video inventory we generate to advertisers. Or we allow our publishers to sell it to their clients. We use the revenues to pay our VJ’s and staff and create great new content.

We’re also one of the world’s biggest Multi-Channel Networks on  YouTube. Our 25.000+ creators make all sorts of video content and generate 1.8 billion views per month.

Zoomin Studios is our next-generation media laboratory. Here we work with the world’s biggest online stars to develop cutting-edge formats and deliver groundbreaking long-form television content.

Our headquarter is in Amsterdam and we have 15 regional offices on four continents. Zoomin.TV is part of the leading international digital entertainment group MTG.

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