Imagine your children have to risk their life everyday, just to go to school.

Zoomin.TV, one of the world’s hottest story finders, has launched a crowdfunding campaign to support a Colombian village. Children from the small town of Acacías have only one route to school – a life-threatening zipline suspended 230 meters above ground. Check out the video on An outcry from their local schoolteacher initiated this campaign to secure a safer route in the future.

Zoomin.TV focuses on powerful stories from around the globe aimed at an audience who’s compassionate and cares for their Earth in a smart and constructive way. With an extensive team of 3,500 international video journalists – the company produces over 400 videos a day, many of which engage with millions of viewers worldwide.

One of these stories highlights the courageous children of Acacías who risk their lives by mounting an unstable 50-year-old zipline to cross their valley – for something as simple as groceries or an education. The story rapidly garnered over 50 million views on social media and through Zoomin.TV’s network of publishers – but it has not brought Acacías a safer route to school. With the cable in dire need of replacement, the local government has yet to live up to their promise of funding a new zipline, it’s now been over a decade.

“I don’t know anything about videos or the web” Acacías’ local teacher explained. “But sometime after a cameraman filmed our story, we received phone calls and letters from all over the world!” Unfortunately, international attention hasn’t led to a new cable, and after telling the kids in class about the messages, it was his young student Camila who said, “let’s ask the camera people for help!” Shortly after this he approached his contact at Zoomin.TV to see if they could use their global reach to find funding for a new cable.

Upon receiving the cry for help, Zoomin.TV CEO Jan Riemens immediately began exploring ways to help the community of this hillside village. Driven by their mission statement ‘Dare, Care, Share’ and confidence in asking the global community to support local initiatives Zoomin.TV launched their crowdfunding campaign on “We strongly believe in the willingness of people to not only passively click and watch a video, but to truly engage with emotional stories. Online we have seen this change significantly in the past year, driven by our youngest Generation Z. Where they differ from older generations is their ambition to set forth positive changes for their future. The world is their local community and whether it’s for the environment or helping others – they’re ready to actively engage.”

Zoomin.TV has started the campaign by donating the first 1% of the $145K goal. It has now been running for some days and the first funds have already started to come in. One generous person has even donated $500,-. Zoomin.TV aims to handle every donation personally and plans to make a special documentary about the project and its generous donors once the goals has been reached. The power is in your hands, so don’t wait and support this charity with your donation. Help Camila and her classmates reach school safely.


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