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The market for video games is growing every year. The introduction of new revenue models and platforms is enabling us more than ever to play video games where, how and as much as we want. Not only do we love to play, we also enjoy to watch be people play and be entertained by the world of gaming! Our dedicated team creates multiple videos per day, powered by a network of thousands of enthausiastic gamers. Content ranging from the Top 5 – Best games of 2014 to interviews with developers and play sessions with the newest and most popular games available.

Gaming videos

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Content and Production

Zoomin.TV Games uploads new videos on a daily basis following a production schedule for weekly content. Besides the main channel we host two other channels: one for live recorded content and one as a promotional tool for channels in our Youtube Partnership. Between these channels we focus on cross-promotion, maintaining a steady production schedule and growing our audience.

Statistics over 2013

– Average of six videos per week
– Total of approx. 110 million views
– Gained 338.000 new members
– Average audience retention 2:29 minutes
– Won the Youtube Silver Play Button Award

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