Zoomin Studios, the format creation division of Zoomin.TV, the GenZ skewed global multi-platform producer and network has announced its first co-production partnership deal – with indie Off The Fence Productions. Zoomin Studios is also expanding into North America with a representation deal with Paradigm Talent Agency.

The deal with Off The Fence will see a number of projects co-developed and co-produced for the international markets, including Is This Legal?, in which Greg Shapiro, the author of viral sensation America First, Holland Second, takes experiential journalism to new highs as he sets off across the United States in search of the nation’s most absurd ‘legal’ behaviour; and The Untold – extended documentary features created by Zoomin.TV’s VJ network.

Paradigm will represent Zoomin Studios as it builds its presence in North America, and is already in discussion with several networks about a new music-based format that creates a unique bridge between digital and television audiences.

Richard Chambers, Head of Zoomin Studios said: “This deal with Off The Fence will enable Zoomin Studios to combine our extensive knowledge of the content Gen Z makes and consumes online with the creative storytelling and high production values of an established indie to create formats which will appeal to a new and younger global TV audience.”

Ellen Windemuth, CEO of Off The Fence said: “We are very excited to work with the tremendous resources Zoomin manages around the world to create a Gen Z window to TV. As we are practically neighbors, the collaboration is the way we both like it: creative, fast and efficient.”

Jan Riemens, CEO of Zoomin.TV added: “Creating longer form content for linear broadcasters to sit alongside our existing multi-platform content is key to Zoomin.TV’s growth strategy. With more shows currently in discussion with other potential co-producers and a new North American representation deal, I’m sure Zoomin Studios will continue to grow rapidly.”

Zoomin Studios’ core DNA is inspired by the youngest generation of video audiences: Generation Z post-millennials born from the mid-1990s onward. The first generation to grow up steeped in mobile technology and social media platforms, Gen Z is also the first generation to be a major influencer on the behaviour of other generations and in particular how content is shared and consumed across different platforms and devices.

Richard Chambers will be outlining Zoomin Studios’ strategy and projects at a MIPTV Digital Fronts Session “CONNECTING GEN Z TO TV” in the Grand Auditorium, Palais 1, 04 Apr 2017, 15:50 – 16:20.

For more information, contact:
Mark Ogle (For Zoomin StudiosTV): mark@ohcommunications.co.uk; t: +44 (0) 7789 981 561